Taipei Trip (12-16 Nov 2010) Day 5

It’s Taipei Trip, day 5, which is also the last day of me and dw’s trip. i really miss travelling with dw, although we did had tiffs during the trip but i guess its really pretty common, and i feel that the happy moments override those unhappy ones… 

Yesterday he was at my place playing mj and after mj we had a chat before he went home and he was saying to me “maybe we can go hongkong this year ot thailand this year… let me think….” hahah! its dw’s style he always like to drop hints but never promises, because he is afriad to empty promises which he jolly know damn well i will be angry with it.

Hong Kong is cool, i have been there once, but it was close to 10 years back! i speak cantonese, so its pretty ok when it comes to language and i think its kinda similar to Singapore in alot of ways.

Anyway back to the original topic of taipei trip, last day, its kinda gonna be a short entry cuz dw was pretty sick the last day, down with flu due to the cold weather. its his first time travelling so far and his first time to sucha cold place, therefore he was really not used to it. Sidetrack a little, he was telling me that the best meal he had at taipei was mcdonalds yesterday. i had a good laugh, i guess it was pretty true, somehow the food wasnt that amazing to me in taipei, maybe i didnt try more. I though hk’s food was way better, but of cuz in terms of shopping, taipei was great!

i woke up pretty early for the last day, at around 9:30 and wanted dw to follow me to have breakfast but he was sleeping away, so i have decided to be adventurous and not wait for him. I left the hotel room myself, i told dw i was just going down to grab breakfast from the cafe but instead i went to search for carrefour myself.

i was pretty sure there is one as i overheard during breakfast in the hotel a  day back from some singaporeans saying that they wanna go carrefour. so, i went to asked the hotel recept for directions and yes bingo! there is really a carrefour, not too close, but walkable distance.

then i lost my way in between and asked for directions, so far none rejected me so as long as you have your first line out fast and sharp “你好。我要问路。” and taa daa i found my way there to carrefour, walking in the rain and the cold weather and through old buildings that remind me of like…. erm…. geylang? old old shops…. yeah.

the reason why i wanna go carrefour is cuz i wanna get my lays chips so badly!

My eyes went O.O when i saw this! my kyushu seaweed lays chips! i bought 4 packets back! one pack.

So many taiwanese sweet also.

ya i was alone busy shopping for stuff at carrefour with my camera in my hand… lol

after grabbing the chips and some snack meant to be brought back to singapore, i headed straight to ximending to grab more my beauty diary facial masks for friends and colleagues.

then to the cafe, bought breakfast back to hotel. When i was back to hotel, it was already close to 11. and check out time was 12. dw was still sleeping. he only woke up at 11:40! i was freaking furious, he havent bath, havent eat his breakfast and havent pack his stuff. and i needed to pack my stuff too. while i was struggling to squeeze in all the chips and facial masks into my luggage he was busy making phone calls back to sin cuz his customer  were looking for him. -.-! ya we ended up checking out at 12:20… but i guess the staff were really quite lenient.

our breakfast! yum yum! nan cha and chinese style burger. lol

our room key card. 308, see told ya its the same as the aqua bella room number.

dw was still hungry from the breakfast i bought for us. so we went to ximending to have mc again. lol ya but before there we walked around ximending to see if i still can grab anything. i bought stickers! and a super lovely umbrella (not foldable one, its those long type)! its so damn chio!

i also bought a foldable umbrella too. i bought one that is super sweet, pink with while polka dots on day one actually, you can see the umbrealla in the jiu fen pics. it accompanied me all the time during the 4 days cuz it was raining every single day but i left it in aqua bella hotel room cuz it was went and i left it in one corner to dry up. 😦 super sad as when i went back to the same shop, it has only got baby blue and black one white polka dots left. me got the black one instead.

anyway here is the sticker that i am talking about. name stickers.

i got 2 types, rilakkuma and my melody. the melody one is slightly more expensive but it comes with a small holder, whereas the rilakkuma don’t. anyway the stickers are super lovely! next time when i go there i wanna make for all my dear friends.

after mcdonalds i told dw i must go back to the cake shop opposite the hotel to eat the cake again! the one i bought for snack for EPL the othe night. its so good and cheap!

woooo! slurrps! actually we wanted to eat steamboat for lunch one, but end up didnt eat it. there is also one very nice steamboast opposite my hotel. there are actually alot of nice stuff along the street where my hotel is.

then we went back to hotel and waited for our bus to pick us to airport to arrive. dw so happy busy surfing youtube.

anyway weigh my luggage and its 20kg! exactly the qualifying weight. lol

see! exact eh! i am good in packing i swear! lol anyway its all the facial masks and biscuits that is causing the weight. i seriously bought little for myself. and we didnt have any handcarry luggages at all, i manage to squeeze in everything into mine and dw luggage cuz i hate it when i have handcarry luggage, its super troublesome.

anyway took some photos while waiting for our bus to arrive. see the cigarette casing, so special, its slide out one.

the hotel… da shun

the street with all the nice food and alot of cosplay costumes… i think its call chang sha.

i made dw buy me this pen. lol

anyway we finally reached the airport. and i swear its SO DAMN COLD. the wind was so strong i was having a hard time pulling my luggage and i was practically shaking.

anyway airport meal before we board the plane.

dw’s curry rice with.

mine. noodle soup. i seems to be eating alot of soupy noodle stuff when i was in taiwan. perhaps due to the cold weather bah.

i told dw i wanna take a photo outside the airport and he asked me to stand in front of the police car. lol! coincidentally there was one in front of us. haha~!

dw and me. 🙂  anyway our flights were delay by close to 1.5 hours. and dw had a hard time in the plane cuz his nose was blocked and it made him had difficulties in breathing. lol i guess he wont take jetstar anymore liao. lol

thats all for my taipei trip 🙂 here are some of the address and guide for my itinerary. some important and difficult ones….

Wufenpu (五分埔): 15m walk Houshanpi Station (後山埤), Get off at the Houshanpi Station (Exit 4) and walk about five minutes west along Yongji Street to the corner of Zhongpo N. Rd..

Taipei 101 (台北101): 15mins walk from Taipei City Hall Station (or take the free shuttle bus)

Raohe Night Market (饒河街夜市): Cross Street from 五分埔

Shida Night Market (師大夜市): Taipower Building (台電大樓), 10mins walk from Taipower Building Station (my fav)

Yeliu Geological Park (野柳風景區):

Yeliu Geological Park (野柳風景區): NT$50 (Adult) Opening hrs: 0800 to 1700 hrs daily Tel: (02) 2492 2016 – 1.7km scenic area near the sea with unique rock formations
Keelung Train (基隆火車站), Take Keelung Transit bus from Yeliu bus stop
Taipei > Yeliu: Board a Kuo Kuang bus from Taipei Intercity Bus Terminal counter 19 (next to Taipei Main Station) to Yehliu — “Chin Shan Youth Activity Centre” route, a distance of about 54km. Fare: NT$102 Travel time: About 1hr 20 mins. 
located at the 48-49km mark of the coastal road between Jinshan Township and Keelung city.
Alight at Yehliu stop near the road T-junction. Walk into the side road for about 15 to 20 mins.
*Gold Ecological Museum (王金博物院区) in 金瓜石. NT$100
Yeliu > Keelung: Walk to where you earlier alighted from the bus and cross the road to the bus stop outside the convenience store. Board a Keelung or Danshui bus to Keelung Railway Station, a distance of about 14km. Fare: NT$45 Travel time: About 40 to 50 mins
Keelung > Jinguashih “金瓜石”: From one of the staggered bus stops in front of Keelung Railway Station, take a Keelung bus with its destination “金瓜石” in English / Chinese LED sign display without a bus service number. The bus passes Rueifang Railway Station. It goes uphill and passes Jiufen (in about 20 mins) and terminates at Jinguashih
Total distance of about 16.5km. Fare: NT$55 Travel time: About 40 to 50 mins. The Gold Ecological Museum is a short walk from Jinguashih bus terminal.
You may want to purchase the NT$110 (I think) package (Admission plus 4 bus rides between 瑞芳 and 金瓜石). Go to the kiosk at 瑞芳火車站 (in the ticketing hall near the public toilet) to purchase. It’s a good deal considering the admission ticket cost NT$100 and the bus fare for each trip costs NT$15~NT$22
From Jinguashih > Jiufen (九份) – Local products
Take a Keelung bus with its destination “基隆” or “台北” in LED sign display from 金瓜石 bus terminal to Jiufen. Fare: NT$22 You can also take Keelung bus 825, 826 Fare: NT$15 Travel time: About 5 to 10 mins. Alight at the Old Street stop (across the road from 7-11 convenience store) along the road bend.
From Jiufen > Keelung Miaokou
Miaokou Night Market (基隆廟口夜市): Keelung Train (基隆火車站), 10mins walk from Keelung Train Station
Dinner at Miaokou Night Market
Jiufen > Keelung: take a Keelung bus with its destination “基隆” in LED sign display from the same bus stop you earlier alighted. The bus goes downhill. Fare: NT$45 Travel time: About 40 mins. Alight one bus stop before reaching Keelung Railway Station at “獅子橋 (Lions Bridge)” stop on 忠一路 (Chung Yi Rd). It’s a shorter walk to Keelung Miaokou than from Keelung Railway Station.
Keelung Miaokou > Taipei: Walk 10-mins to Keelung Railway Station and board a train to Songshan Railway Station (for Wufenpu and Raohe St night market) or Taipei Main Station. Alternatively, take a Kuo Kuang bus back to Taipei Main Station.

anyway after my personally experience, i would strongly recommend for you to hire a cab for a day and bring you to travel to these places. really, it was a really tiring day for us as we took public transport all the way. and it is kinda a must for you to travel to these places in one day cuz they are like pretty near to one another. so just listen to my advise and bao a cab.

thats all 🙂


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